1. Stop all services, log out other users, in process explorer, add command line column, stop all in old path
  2. In cygwin, go to /cygdrive, cp -vR c/cygwin* d/
  3. mount -m > /usr/bin/mountCommands.bat # not sure if we really need this
  4. in explorer, rename c:/cygwin to OLD , log off all users if it fails, use lsof alternative if needed
  5. change shortcut on desktop (C:\Users\Public\Desktop)
  6. change start menu items [ "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Cygwin\Cygwin64 Terminal.lnk"]
  7. change NEWLOC/cygwin.bat
  8. Regedit to HLM\system\CurrentControlSet\services\sshd and \cron and \syslog-ng change paths (for all services, do cygrunsrv -L)
  9. cygrunsrv --stop sshd; cygrunsrv --remove sshd; cygrunsrv --install sshd --path /usr/sbin/sshd
  10. Some more magic..?
  11. reboot

By karlo