User guide Karlo

About me, how I like to work, cummunicate and more.

Times I like to work

  • I usually wake up at 07:00, and try to start early. Early hours are my most productive hours.


  • Meetings are great, as long as they have a good subject and agenda. Then I can prepare.
  • I am find with keeping track of tasks. Ask me if you want, I might be doing it already.
  • If I invited you to a meeting and you feel it is not useful for you, let me know please.

Communicate with me

  • Please use email if you you want me to do something, and please do not call. Email I can tag, flag, mark unread. Email is my main inbox for tasks.
  • I quickly discard emails not addressed to me or "FYI"
  • If it is important, send a SMS/Signal/Telegram message.
  • Call if scheduled (eg: set up a time slot first) or if it is an emergency. I do not usually pick up unknown numbers.
  • Email can wait. I do not expect immediate replies. I do expect people to read my email in a few days (except for holidays)
  • I only read email during working hours. Time off = no email for me. If you need to reach me outside of office hours, send a SMS message (or Signal).
  • I track your tasks. If I ask you something and do not receive an answer, do not be surprised you get a follow up.
  • I'm interested in why you believe what you believe. Share your logic, particularly when we're building trust.
  • I do not care about salutations (Hello/Dear XX) and greetings, I might forget them, do not read anything into this.


Below comes from a Big-5 personality test I did in 2018. It will explain a bit how I behave. Some of these are a bit weird to put down here, as it can be seen as bragging. It's not intended that way.

  • I value work highly and typically want to be doing something useful. I tend not to put things off. Do not often mess things up. I always finish what I start, and do it on schedule. Frequently figuring out how to accomplish more in less time, with fewer resources. Focused
  • Not very "agreeable": not particularly forgiving, accepting, flexible, gentle or patient. Not very polite / quite direct (a.k.a. I am Dutch)
  • Moderately high in compassion: concerned about helping other people avoid negative emotion
  • Will always try to deliver on time.
  • Neither disturbed nor disgusted by others' mess and chaos.
  • Extravert: comparatively enthusiastic, talkative, assertive in social situations.
  • High tempo, driven. Don't like/handle negativity well. Tend to tune out with conversations where no point is in reach.
  • Generally OK with criticism. I am OK admitting I do not know something.
  • Relatively enthusiastic: somewhat excitable, happy and easy to get to know.
  • Highly assertive, the 'take charge' type. I put my opinions forward uncommonly strongly. I often don't wait for others to lead the way, just go! Can be seen as impulsive. It can seem I act without thinking, but often this means I just came up with my own plan already.
  • I rarely focus on the negative elements, anxieties and uncertainties of the past, present and future.
  • I can handle new, uncertain, unexpected, threatening or complex situations extremely well, from the emotional perspective.
  • Creative, exploratory, intelligent and visionary. I tend to be more interested in learning and in acquiring new abilities and skills. Curious and exploratory. Interested in abstract thinking, philosophy, and the meaning of belief systems and ideologies.
  • Very interested in ideas and abstract concepts. Crave exposure to novel information, even when it is complex. Highly curious and exploratory, and actively want to find, tackle and solve challenging problems.