Google product alternatives


Below, I’ll try to make a list of google products and their (better?) alternatives. Please help me filling this table at [google at]


Product name Alternative Alternative Alternative Alternative
Google Android Cyanogenmod Android
Gmail / Google mail  Postfix + Dovecot (article)
+ Roundcube (online)
 Postfix + Dovecot (article)
+ Evolution
Google Agenda/Calendar  Davical + Agendav (online) Davical + Evolution
Google Analytics Piwik
Google Blogs
Google Books
Google Docs
Google DNS
Google Image Search  Picsearch
Google Maps  Openstreetmap
Google News
Google Newsgroups
Google Photos
Google+ (Plus)  disapora* on
Google Reader/RSS  Tiny Tiny RSS
Google Scholar
Google Search  Duckduckgo
Google Shopping
Google Sites
Google Sketchup
Google Translate
Google Video
Youtube (by Google)

Please help me filling this table at [google at]

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